About Us

We at “MEGASTAR” are into bulk food processing, producing a wide range of wholesome Wheat Flour Products, from heart of Punjab, supplied to our clients spread across the globe. We have infused outstanding food processing technologies from around the world to manufacture and supply highly nutritious wheat flour to food production industries throughout India & abroad.

We stand for long term commitment towards our esteemed clients, by enabling them for production of multiple food products from our Wheat Flour product range. The management at “MEGASTAR” firmly believes by providing quality Wheat Flour Products and services not only to create value to our client but build relationships.


Well-qualified Staff

Well-qualified Staff

All our staff has been hired keeping in mind their educational qualifications, so that only the best personnel operate our high-end imported machinery.

Excellent Products

Excellent Products

Our products are untouched by hand, processed under completely hygienic conditions to maintain our trademark promise of purity.

Global Technology

Global Technology

Our plants are equipped with world-class machinery from Buhler; our floors are laid out in EPOXY, and pest control is maintained by NBHC.

Value Chain

We are a key link between the procurement of wheat and processing as per the quality specification of our clients. Our value proposition to our client has been to provide the quality of products being delivered as per their production schedule.


We have our plant with well-developed infrastructure, is equipped with the modern imported food-processing machinery. We have a warehouse which has a covered capacity of 12000 MT of wheat.

Wheat Flour Silo’s

We have silos for storing wheat products.

Moisture Control

To check the moisture during the production, Buhler Moisture Meter (MYFC) is installed in the plant so that the products are as per the specifications of the various clients.


We have advanced testing laboratory, equipped to perform a wide range of analyses. We have well qualified & technically qualified Q.C. and R&D staff.

Automated Packaging Machine

We have flour packing machines for little and substantial scale creations. Our Flour Packing Machines are quick, precise and solid


We have best in industry machinery which is used in measuring specific properties of flour. The farinograph is a tool used for measuring the shear and viscosity of a mixture of flour and water.)

Falling Number

To determine the level of alpha-amylase in grain, flour and other starch containing products, in particular wheat and rye, we have installed Falling Number Machine.


The SDmatic is a fully automated testing system that produces a reliable measurement of starch damage in flour in less than 10 minutes. Starch damage is the result of many factors including hardness, milling conditions, and tempering

Credentials Speak for Our Quality

We have been certified as BRC by Intertek (UKAS) as required for Food Processing Industry, Organic Certified by Ecocert India Ltd & HALAL certified by HALAL India Pvt. Ltd. We also follow the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), Food Safety Policy and Quality Policy to ensure that our products meet stringent requirements of our clients in all aspects including hygienic, environment, control over foreign bodies and ensuring quality food products for our end customers.


As we are a key link between the farm producers and our customers for enabling them for production of multiple food products from our Wheat Flour product range. The management at Megastar Foods firmly believes for a long term commitment towards our esteem clients, by providing quality Wheat Flour Products and services not only create value to our client but build relationship. We add value to our clients in their value chain process, with an assurance that the final products can withstand their quality product criteria. Our wheat flour products are a key ingredient for our customer’s production chain and our products are widely used for the preparation of biscuits/cookies, pizzas, breads & buns, and other products etc. We have a strong patronage amongst our customer, due to our value proposition, with an assurance of ability to deliver quality products and services, so that we have a long standing association between us.

We have clients spread across India & abroad for the production of their food products in various segments. To name a few of our esteem clients for our various products and services